What are my options if I am unable to complete my portfolio by the due date?

If you are unable to complete your portfolio by your section's due date, you will see an "incomplete" appear next to your course section within your PDE3 course transcript.

According to current DOE policy, you may use the DOE's "60-day-extension" option to complete your portfolio. This means that you may have 60 days from your original portfolio due date to submit your completed portfolio for consideration. Because you would be submitting your portfolio after your your section's End Date, your portfolio will be carefully examined by a panel of Educational Specialists at the DOE's Office of Curriculum Instruction and Student Support (OCISS) and these individuals will be the ones to determine whether or not to award you PD credits for the course.

IMPORTANT: If you are using the DOE’s 60 day extension, you MUST submit your completed portfolio to your course instructor at least two weeks before the 60 deadline so that your portfolio can be reviewed by your instructor, feedback and support can be provided, and so that your course instructor will be able to submit your portfolio to the DOE in time for the 60 day deadline.

If you decide to submit your portfolio for review using this option, please be sure to email your portfolio (once it is entirely complete) to your course instructor at 808educate@gmail.com and within your email write the following:

I am requesting to use the DOE's 60-Day-Extension option to submit my completed portfolio. I am submitting this portfolio for the following PDE3 course:

Course Title:

Section Start Date:
Original Portfolio Due Date:
60 Days After the Original Portfolio Due Date:
Link to my completed portfolio:

My First Name:
My Last Name:
My HIDOE Employee ID Number:
My Lotus Notes Email Address:

I am officially submitting this portfolio to my course instructor for review at least two weeks before the 60 day deadline. I have verified that I am officially registered for this course/section in my PDE3 account.
The information above in red can be found in your PDE3 account by clicking the Learning Opportunities tab then clicking on My Transcript and the information can also be found on the cover sheet of your Learning Results Portfolio Template.

Once your email and portfolio submission have been received, your course instructor will then review your portfolio and provide feedback. Your instructor will either confirm that it is complete or will provide you with recommended revisions. Once it is determined that your portfolio is complete, your course instructor will forward your portfolio to the Educational Specialists at the DOE for consideration. If you have any questions about the above procedures, please contact your course instructor at: