* This information is for Hawaii State DOE Educators

What are my options if I am unable to complete my portfolio by the due date?

If you are experiencing extenuating circumstances and you are unable to complete your portfolio by your section's due date, you may use the DOE's 60 day extension option to complete your portfolio. This means that you may have 60 days from your original portfolio due date to submit your completed portfolio for consideration. Your completed portfolio must be received by your course instructor within 60 days of your original portfolio due date to use this option.

If you have extenuating circumstances, please email your course instructor to request the 60 day extension option.

Once your portfolio is complete, please be sure to email your completed portfolio to your course instructor at [email protected] and within your email write the following:

I am requesting to use the 60 Day-Extension option to submit my completed portfolio for the following course.

Course title:

Section start date:
Original portfolio due date:
60 days after the original portfolio due date (deadline):
Link to my completed portfolio:

The information above can be found on the cover sheet of your Learning Results Portfolio Template. Please calculate your 60 day extension deadline by adding 60 days to your original portfolio due date.

Once your email and portfolio submission have been received, your course instructor will review your portfolio and provide feedback. Your instructor will either confirm that it is complete or will let you know if revisions are required in order to meet course expectations. If you have any questions about the above procedures, please contact your course instructor at:
[email protected]