PD-Credits and the Reclassification Process

How do I receive PD credits for the completion of my PDE3 course and portfolio?
In order to receive PD-Credits for the completion of a PDE3 course, you must be officially registered for your course/section within your PDE3 account. Also, your completed Learning Results Portfolio must be submitted to your course instructor by your section's Portfolio Due Date and it must pass the review process.

When will my credits be awarded to my PDE3 account?
PD-Credits are typically awarded to participant accounts about 10-12 weeks after their section’s End Date. This is the time it takes for the DOE to review the randomly selected portfolios from your section. * For more information about the difference between the “Portfolio Due Date” and the section “End Date”, please click here.

What if I do not receive my credits in time for the Reclassification Deadline?
There are two opportunities to apply for reclassification every school year. The first reclassification deadline is October 30 and the second reclassification deadline is March 30. Regardless of when the PD credits actually appear in your PDE3 account for a course you've completed, the Teacher Reclassification Unit will always use your section's End Date to determine when those earned credits will apply to your account for salary step purposes.

For salary step purposes, credits earned from a completed PDE3 course will always apply to the first day of the semester following your section's End Date (regardless of when the credits actually appear in your PDE3 account).

For example, if you have reached 15-credits towards your next salary step, but your credits have not appeared and you are not able to apply for the October 30 reclassification deadline, you can simply apply in March and you will receive a lump sum retroactive paycheck covering your new salary from the first day of the semester. So regardless of when you actually receive your PD-credits and apply for reclassification (in March or October) you'll receive the same increased pay either way.

How do I get more information about the Reclassification Process?
If you have more questions about Teacher Reclassification and PD credits, you can always reach the Teacher Reclassification Unit directly at (808) 441-8383. They have access to your PDE3 account so they can see your credits-earned and can best advise you on how to meet your reclassification goals.