Pertinent Dates in PDE3

  • Start Date: This is the date that the course section begins.
  • Portfolio Due Date: This is the date that the portfolio for this section is due.
  • End Date: This is the date that portfolio grades are finalized by the course instructor, and those grades are submitted to the Department of Education.

The time period between the Portfolio Due Date and the section End Date is there so that course instructors can review each completed portfolio, provide portfolio feedback, and work with participants to make any necessary revisions to their portfolios. This time period also gives course instructors time to organize and submit grades to the DOE for all completed participant portfolios. The section End Date is also the deadline for course instructors to submit final portfolio grades to the DOE.

Next, the DOE will begin their own rigorous review process by randomly selecting and reviewing completed participant portfolios. Once they have finished their own review process, if they find the selected portfolios to be acceptable, they will award PD credits to all participants who have submitted completed portfolios.

The End Date is also the date that the Teacher Reclassification Unit uses to determine when to apply your earned-credits towards your next salary step increase. Credits earned from PDE3 courses will always apply to day-one of the semester following your section's End Date.

If you ever have any specific questions about the reclassification process, which happens twice a year (once in October and once in March), you can always reach the Teacher Reclassification Unit directly at (808) 441-8383. They have access to your PDE3 account so they can see your credits-earned and can best advise you on how to meet your reclassification goals. * For more information about the reclassification process, please click here.