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Aloha Hawaii State Department of Education educators!

3-PD Credits: Just like our other UMass Global courses and CSU Pueblo courses, this course also results in 3-PD credits towards HIDOE salary step movement/reclassification.

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✶ Hawaii State DOE participants: If you are a Hawaii State DOE participant, please be sure to receive signed principal approval for any university coursework that will be applied towards reclassification by using the 200-005 Form (click here). Also, every year in January, HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union typically begins providing PD support stipends to reimburse Hawaii State DOE educators for their professional development fees accrued throughout the year. For more information about this fantastic opportunity, click the following link: The HawaiiUSA Professional Support Stipend.

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Course Description:

Balancing a healthy mind with a healthy body is so integral to education that it dates back to the ancient Greeks. Today, as school districts begin to make real progress in leaving the high-stakes testing era behind, these needs are once again getting the attention they deserve – namely through efforts to integrate tenets of the “whole child” approach with physical wellness. And, it all starts here. This course is a one-of-a-kind kickstarter to creating calmer, more engaged, less stressful, and higher achieving 21st-century classrooms.

That’s because whole-school wellness is the foundation for not only healthy kids and effective teachers, but also healthy and effective learning environments. Touching on everything from promoting healthy lifestyles and strengthening resilience, to cultivating kindness, practicing self-care, igniting curiosity, and amplifying student voice, this is not a traditional wellness course – it’s the ultimate wellness course.

Participants will not only come away with a scalable Wellness Action Plan that has an impact on student achievement, behavior and their classroom culture, but they’ll have with a newfound appreciation for the many direct benefits of
addressing the needs of the whole child while meeting the needs of a healthy school.

Self-paced, Self-guided and Online:

This course has no start date and no due dates, so you can begin and complete the course whenever it is convenient for you. You do not need to be working with students to complete this course. Because it is entirely self-paced, self-guided and online, there are no scheduled meetings
, so you are free to work on the content whenever and wherever it is most convenient for you.

3 Graduate Level PD Credits:

Upon completion of this course, participants will receive 3 graduate-level PD credits from University of Massachusetts Global (formerly Brandman University), which can be used for professional advancement such as salary increment steps and licensing requirements.

Information about PD-Credits for Hawaii State DOE participants:

Hawaii State DOE educators can use these graduate level PD credits in place of PDE3 credits for salary step movement in the HIDOE's Teacher Reclassification system. Please note that this graduate level PD course is not located in the PDE3 system. Graduate level PD-credits instead of PDE3-credits means that coursework will only be reviewed by UMass course instructors and will not need to be submitted to PDE3 for further review. 3-PD credits will be issued to you directly from UMass Global. For more information about using university/college credits towards salary reclassification, please see the following Hawaii State DOE "Guidelines for Reclassification" memo: click here.

If you are a Hawaii State DOE educator, please download and print the 200-005 form for university credits, and have it signed by your school's Principal.To apply your 3 graduate level PD-credits to salary step movement, you can simply submit your 200-005 form to the DOE's Reclassification Unit along with your UMass transcript once you complete the course. We have completed the course information for you on this form and it can be downloaded and printed at the following link
: click here.

"Teachers at my school love your courses, keep up this awesome Professional Development!"
– Francoise Wittenburg, Principal

"Thank you very much for creating this course! The lessons and resources that you provided are fantastic and it aligns with our State Strategic Plan perfectly!"
– Joe Kealoha, Counseling Department Head

"Overall, this was personally one of the most beneficial and informative PD courses I’ve ever completed."
– Kim Virtudazo, Teacher

"Of all the PD courses I've taken, this one has had the biggest impact. I honestly feel that this course has made a difference in the wellbeing of both my students and myself. As for my professional growth, this course has fundamentally changed the way that I approach teaching."
– Brian Citro, Teacher

"Through my participation in this course, my students are smiling more (in and out of class), they are more active and they enjoy coming to my class. My students are getting along better as they are communicating with each other in a much nicer way.... students are even saying how much fun they have in my classes now and certain teachers have asked; What have you changed?"
Paul Remington, Teacher

"This course has really opened my eyes professionally and I have grown in ways that are meaningful. Many of the curriculums, ideas and activities that were presented are very inspiring and I hope to try more out with students in the future. I will be using this course as a resource in planning and teaching in the coming years"
Raiza Garcia, Teacher

"After reflecting on this class, and what I have learned, I have a new set of tools that can help students not only succeed in academics, but in life. I not only became excited for my students growth, but my own."
– James Murphey, Teacher

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For Teachers By Teachers • UMass Global

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