Self-Paced and Online Professional Development for PK-12th Grade Teachers and Counselors

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"This was an amazing ride – I enjoyed every lesson, every video, and every assignment!"

– Linda Sao, Teacher

"Enrolling in this course was one of the best things that I’ve done to help me succeed in my profession."
– Kelly Lopes, Teacher

"This course was a goldmine! It has been the most organized and well planned professional development that I’ve ever participated in. I plan on taking every class that For Teachers By Teachers has to offer."

– Abigayle Butler, Teacher

"This was my first online professional development course. I found it to be organized, well presented, interesting and most importantly INSPIRING! The effort, skill and dedication to helping teachers and students succeed is evident and it is so appreciated."
Michelle Brown, Teacher


We are classroom teachers – just like you!

Our courses will empower you with meaningful and cutting edge strategies that you can begin using in your area right away to significantly impact student achievement and enhance your own enjoyment of our profession.

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We are a team of highly experienced and deeply passionate teachers with over 15 years of PreK-12 public school classroom experience. Our mission is to provide highly effective, research-based professional development opportunities for PreK-12th grade teachers of all content areas and counselors. We design courses that are engaging, inspiring, and rooted in current research. Learn more about us and our mission here and connect with us on Facebook here!